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Product Care

Protection and Cleaning

Your furniture finish will usually protect against many common elements, however any finish will breakdown from prolonged exposure or unusual abuse.

For normal cleaning dust your furniture with a soft damp cloth. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent bleaching or discolouration of the surface. Use heat resistant place mats under hot/cold food or beverages to avoid damage. Spillages should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth as soon as possible to avoid moisture damaging the coating.

Remember timber furniture is a living-breathing product where you can’t make preferences to the number of knots or where they may appear, the wood graining can also be very diverse in its patterns. Stain colours can also vary due to the wood preparation and how it adheres to the different wood grains.

NO two pieces will ever be completely alike so enjoy the natural beautiful characteristics of your original piece of furniture. During the aging process, lacquers can also yellow or deepen over time.

Care Products

We recommend the use and stock a full range of care products that are ideal for maintaining particularly your timber and leather furniture.

Remember with a little effort you can preserve and protect your furniture for years to come.

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