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Lounge Furniture - Recliner Sofa - All Brand

Edge Living Hobart is the leader in recliner sofas, If you are looking for superior comfort and style when it comes to choosing the right recliner Sofa we recommend you come in and see our wide range before making a final decision.

Our customers not only come from Hobart but all over Tasmania to browse our range of recliner sofas because they know we have a diverse range of styles and colours to suit any home.

In addition to providing an excellent option for leaning back and relaxing at the end of the day, recliner sofas also offer a range of health benefits that people aren’t always aware of, giving all the more reason why you should choose a reclining sofa for your home!

Here at Edge Living Hobart we carry all the top quality brands like IMG and Molmic just to name a few.

At Edge Living Hobart, we have a range of modern traditional styles of reclining sofas to choose from and we recommend you take the time to come into our Moonah store and try them for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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