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Dining Furniture - Bar Stool - All Brand

Bar stools are a valuable addition to any home.

Not only do they create extra seating while cooking and entertaining, but bar stools can add personality and style to your overall kitchen space. Bar stools are also ideal for casual eating, having a quick breakfast, or helping the kids with their homework while you cook dinner.

Before you decide on what the right stool is for your kitchen bench, it’s a good idea to consider the height and depth of your bench.

We recommend considering the following when selecting a bar stool. If you are after a traditional look for your kitchen space, then consider opting for a shorter bar stool. This gives the feeling of having more space, but will also create a greater intimacy in the area when you have family and friends over for dinner. Alternatively, a longer, and sleek backed stool, will give your kitchen a more contemporary feel. If you have an open space, particularly if your kitchen opens onto a living room, the contemporary option can make your house feel much grander in size.

Lastly, when considering the material of your bar stool, It’s important to think about the overall style of your kitchen and how the texture of the material will work cohesively with the colour palate of your kitchen. But also think about how you will use them! You may find that your furry friends love your luxe fabric just as much as you do!

If you are considering bar stools for your kitchen, then come into Edge Living and speak with one of our friendly staff.

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